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At Aesthetic Nurse Specialists in Denver, we believe in affordable skin care at its finest...Beautiful skin is in! Our Denver skin therapy services include but are not limited to: Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, LED light therapy, facials, derma rolling, scar and skin removals, and both Botox® and Juvederm®.

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The goal of fractional laser skin treatments are simple: replace damaged skin with new fresh skin. Techniques for laser skin resurfacing have made enormous advances, allowing nearly everyone to achieve close to flawless complexions.

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Need to lose or gain weight? Chef Micah K. Vincent has been a Chef for 16 years in California and Washington State, and we are now honored to have him in Colorado.

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Save Money


By Stephanie Maner - July 25, 2016

Long Term Cost of Shaving or Waxing vs. Laser Hair Removal


Are you still not sure if laser hair removal is worth the investment to you? Think about how much money and time you will save in the long run by having laser hair removal. Whether you shave or wax, the costs of regular hair (removal) maintenance adds up pretty quickly.


Lets assume that you started shaving at 13 years old and you will continue shaving until you are 50. You shave 3-4 times a week, spending about 15 minutes shaving each time. 50-13= 37 years of shaving. 37 years x 52 weeks/year= 1,924 weeks. 1,924 weeks x shaving 3.5 times a week= 6,735 times that you will shave in your life. 6,734 times x 15 minutes = 101,010 minutes or 70.15 days spent shaving over a lifetime.


You will spend around $10 for a package of 10. Lets say you use a new razor twice a week, so 104 razors a year, so $104 a year x 37 years = $3,848. But you can’t shave without shaving cream. Shaving cream costs about $3 a can, and conservatively, a can of shaving cream will last you about a month. $3/month x 12 months= $36 per year. $36 x 37 years= $1,332 for shaving cream. And because you are using cheap disposable razors you probably knick yourself pretty frequently so you need band aids ($2) as well as cream to make the razor bumps go away ($5). If you need to replace these twice a year that is $7×2 times a year x 37 years = $518.


So in total, shaving with cheap disposable razors will cost you about $5,698 in a lifetime. $3,848 for the razors+$1,332 for shaving cream+$518 for other supplies =$5,698. This does not take into account the amount of money spent on water for while you are in the shower shaving, nor does it take into account the value of your time.


You spend around $10 for the razor handle itself. Lets assume that you purchase a new handle every year due to losing the old one, a new model coming out, or just replacing it so that it stays in good working order. This works out to around $370 a lifetime just for the handle. A box of 8 replacement blades cartridges costs around $22. Lets assume that the blades last you one week each, so you use 52 replacement blades a year. This works out to about 6 boxes of blades a year. So $22×6= $132 every year on replacement blades. $132×37=$4,884 on blades in a lifetime.


Assuming you still use the same amount of shaving cream as a cheap disposable razor user uses, you will spend $1,332 on shaving cream over a lifetime. Good news is, because you use a good razor, you don’t get razor bumps as frequently or knick yourself as often, so you spend $200 over a lifetime on other shaving supplies. Using a good razor will cost $370+ $4,884+ $1,332 + $200= $6,786 over a lifetime. Again not taking into account the value of your time or the cost of water. So shaving over a lifetime will cost you around $5,500 -$7,000 and 70 days. Personally, I would much rather spend that time and money on vacation in the Caribbean instead of in my shower shaving.

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Weight Loss

By Stephanie Maner - July 23, 2016

Perhaps you've never heard of injections for weight loss?


+Reduces the storage of fat.

+Increases your metabolism.

+Gives you increased energy.

PPC(PhosphatidylCholine) injection, spotlighted as the latest solution to obesity, is being called ‘the 2nd Botox’.


 • The great thing about PPC INJECTIONS

No need of anesthesia as it barely generates pain

More efficacious and easier treatment than liposuction surgery

Unlike existing methods such as Mesotherapy which only reduces the size of fat cells, PPC dissolves, destroys fat cells and exhausts them out of body through sweat, urine and internal combustion.

Cheaper costs than existing liposuction surgery.

Effective for removing cellulites and enhances skin elasticity.

Such a simple treatment that barely bothers everyday life.

Solves the obesity of specific parts where exercises cannot do.

1.Armpit, forearms : Armpit lines of the front part of arms, forearms around the triceps.

2. Back : Brassiere line which gets a style of dressing disheveled.

3. Abdominal region, ribs(love handle) : abdominal region and weighty ribs on both sides, love      handle on the rear side.

4. Hip : Line under a hip which is connected to thighs.

5. Thighs : External or internal lines which jiggle due to excessive fatty layers.

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Penile Enhancement

resulting in a longer and wider penis

By Stephanie Maner - June 23, 2016

Penile Enhancement with Injectable Fillers for Girth:

A tiny needle is inserted just beneath the skin  of the penis to allow a special filler to be injected.  This stimulates your own body’s natural collagen production, resulting in a thicker penile shaft.  The shaft’s added girth can be made even stronger and larger by getting a follow-up treatment .  The procedure has very predictable results , stays in place and is well tolerated. 

Penis Enhancement with PRP for Length & Girth:

A procedure most commonly known as the Priapus shot or P-Shot works to increase both penis length and girth.  The technique involves the injection of Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP.  This substance is actually derived from the patient’s own blood sample, making it one of the most natural and safe cosmetic procedures on the market. Red and white blood cells are extracted from the blood, leaving PRP as a separated substance to be used for reinsertion into the penile shaft. These platelets naturally stimulate enhanced cell growth, resulting in a longer and wider penis.


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Penile Enhancement



Skin Care

Fake Products

By Stephanie Maner - June 22, 2016

Here at Ans I have been having some issues of clients purchasing products and services from other places. I’ve been in business for over 20 years and continue to educate my clients on skin care products. These are products I offer; Sanitas, Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Latisse, Kybella, Beyond WhiteSpa, jane iredale, and ANS Sun Block. 

If you want to look good, then you should take care of your skin at any cost. These days, saving big bucks on your favorite skincare products, makeup, fragrances and hair care products seems to be an online search away. As with any type of professional or premium brand beauty product, there are thousands of fakes, diluted and expired ones floating around on third party sites such as Amazon, eBay and Craigslist. An incorrect balance of active ingredients can be ineffective at best and trigger an allergic reaction at worst. 

 When you buy from ANS, doctor’s office, or your independent sales consultant, you are getting the real products. You are also getting advice on how to correctly use the products. This is so important because when you start using new products, it can get confusing. Also, professional and premium skincare products are more potent than retail products. You will need specific instructions on how to correctly use them for best results.

Don’t buy professional and premium skincare from Amazon, eBay, Craigslist or discount outlets such as Marshall’s, ROSS and T.J. Maxx. It is highly unlikely that any professional or premium brand is selling products through these third party sites and discount stores.

Skincare goes onto your skin. It’s not a handbag or a pair of shoes. If you happen to end up with a fake handbag, nothing is going to happen to you. You’ll be upset but fine health-wise. But if you buy a fake or expired skincare product, can you imagine what it could do to your skin? 

My advice to you is to not take chances. You're better off spending money for a fresh, authentic product than putting your life or your children's lives at risk. Not only will it perform better on your skin, it’s safer as well. 

1.  Always make sure that you are buying from a authorized Sanitas partner.
2.  If items are seriously discounted it is likely it is not from an authorized partner.
3.  Unless you are certain the products you are buying online are coming from an authorized Sanitas partners, there is no way to be sure you are getting the true Sanitas product.  Unfortunately, people sell online using bottles filled with other products or that is old and not of the quality that would come from an authorized partner.
4.  We encourage accounts to position themselves as the Sanitas expert for questions from clients and building that loyalty will go a long way in ensuring clients are buying from their business.
5.  The online challenge is part of the business culture all skin care and other retail/wholesale business work to address on an ongoing bases.  Unfortunately, it is not going away.  We monitor online accounts regularly to ensure they are adhering to our company policies and procedures and take immediate action when there in non-compliance.

Thank you, Stephanie Maner




By Stephanie Maner - June 22, 2016

The G-Shot involves injecting hyaluronic acid (foreign material) directly into in a highly sensitive zone in the vaginal wall or the G-Spot (yes it does exist). By plumping up this area, it increases friction and stimulation to the G-Spot thereby enhancing sexual response to those who are able to achieve orgasm by vaginal stimulation. 


The O-shot, on the other hand, utilizes your bodies own PRP (platelet rich plasma) which is injected, painlessly, into your anterior vaginal wall AND the clitoris which also enhances clitoral stimulation and response. 


PRP is obtained from your own blood through a very specific process. Injection of PRP delivers growth factors that allow for rejuvenation of your tissues, nerves, and vascular structures which in turn improve sensation and strengthen orgasmic response. Additional reported benefits include improvement in painful intercourse and urinary symptoms including urinary incontinence. 


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