Chemical Peel in Lakewood, Colorado


Aesthetic Nurse Specialists is focused on treating each individual's personalized needs with the highest quality of care. Medical grade chemical peels are exclusive to this Medical Spa and much more effective than services provided by an esthetician run spa. The customized peel penetrate into the dermis and assist with fading mild acne scars, melasma, sun damage, discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. ANS can also customize your treatment to fight active acne and reduce flare ups. Treatment sessions are typically comfortable and are scheduled appropriately apart to safely meet each patient's goals.

Chemical peels are effective all over the face and neck but as a precaution to avoid areas right around the eyes.
Those suffering with active acne, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration, melasma, or mild acne scars can benefit from medical grade chemical peels.

Customized peels for all skin types, tones and ages. Previously, those with darker skin tones had limited options for medical grade peels because they could cause serious burning or hyperpigmentation. Now for all skin types. ANS will prepare your skin prior to our customized medical chemical peels so that you can have fresh, glowing skin.

Those on accutane or those who have used accutane in the last 3 months should avoid any chemical peels. Avoid any topical retinol for approximately one week prior to your peel. Not recommend if you have an active herpes outbreak as symptoms can get worse. Do not shave, wax, or thread your face on the day of the procedure.
Avoid excess sunlight, use plenty of sunblock.

Aesthetic Nurse Specialists is the Trusted Authority on Medical Grade Chemical Peels