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Botox Cosmetic injections relax facial muscles to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Botox usually treats: Existing facial lines caused by repetitive muscle movement Botox also prevents new lines from forming Common injection sites for addressing wrinkles and lines are: glabella (region between eyebrows); forehead; outer corners of eyes (crow's feet); sides of mid-chin (for down-turned mouth); neck (for neck bands or visible cords) Botox can also treat: Facial asymmetry or other facial conditions that result from muscle action; this is called "facial shaping" Hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration or sweating); common injection sites are underarms, palms, scalp and soles of feet Migraines, Bell's Palsy, muscle spasms, urinary problems, and mild or stress related headaches. Results from Botox typically last four to six months. 2 to 3 treatments per year.


Juvederm (often misspelled Juvaderm) was approved in 2006 by the US FDA for the treatment of mild to moderate facial creases. Juvederm injections are commonly used to smooth out facial wrinkles, plump lips, pox marks and acne scars. It can also reduce lines on the forehead and brow, raises the eyebrows, fill in under-eye hollows, enhances cheek volume, jowls and jawline, soften scars, and reduce wrinkles on hands. Juvederm is offered in different formulations, including Ultra and Ultra Plus. Juvederm Ultra is Allergan's version of a highly linked hyaluronic acid (HA) filler; it is most frequently used to fill superficial lines and can last 8-12 months.


Voluma is an FDA-approved filler that's part of the Juvederm collection of injectables. It's designed to be used specifically in the mid-face, adding volume to the cheeks. Voluma is made with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between nine months to a year and a half.


Kybella is a non-surgical injectable for reducing moderate to severe fat on the upper neck, otherwise known as a "double chin." The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule which eats away at fat. When injected properly, all other cells are left healthy and intact. Using Kybella for treatment on areas other than the double chin is not approved or recommended.


Lipodissolve treatment involves a drug mixture injected into the body. These shots are designed to dissolve or melt away body fat without invasive surgery like in Liposuction plastic surgery. Also known as injection lipolysis, "Flab Jab," lipozap, lipotherapy, and mesotherapy. Lipodissolve requires shots over a number of sessions.


PRP is used in a number of treatments. PRP therapy for hair loss is a treatment that involves withdrawing a patient's own blood, processing it so that only the enriched cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain, and injecting it into scalp. PRP contains essential proteins that stimulate natural hair growth. The "Vampire Facelift" is a procedure that involves withdrawing a patient's own blood, processing it to create "platelet-rich plasma (PRP)," then re-injecting it to erase wrinkles, evens and brightens skin tone, produces collagen, elastin and fibrogen, and create a more youthful look.


The aptly named G-Shot, which is literally a shot of hyaluronic acid, is injected inside the vagina and targeted at the G-spot. The shot claims to increase vaginal sensitivity to make for better orgasms.


It incorporates the harvesting and injection of one's own plasma enriched growth factors, or PRP, into specific areas of the penis. The Priapus Shot uses blood-derived growth factors to increase girth size of the penis. It is a natural process that the body does not reject, and is very successful.

Non-surgical nose job:

If you're interested in only minor changes or don't want to test run a rhinoplasty, try a non-surgical nose job. This procedure uses injectable filler Juvederm to alter the nose's appearance. It may also correct breathing issues. Non-surgical nose job results typically last at least six months to a year, with most lasting no longer than 18 months. This option is often much less expensive than a rhinoplasty.

Liquid Facelift:

The "liquid facelift" restores facial volume, reduces wrinkles, and provides a large degree of facial rejuvenation. The treatment uses injectable filler of Voluma and/or Juvederm to add volume combined with Botox which relaxes facial lines.


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